The only way forward is back

I’m glad to finally meet you here!

Oh, I’m Joy by the way. You won’t believe how proud I am of you! There’s no comforting feeling than seeing you’ve made this far.

To begin this letter, I want to thank you for trying to hold on as hard as you can and finally get to this exact point. I know it wasn’t an easy journey and it’s natural for you to stumble a few times. Well, happiness is indeed a continuous work. It’s an act maintenance, right?

I’m so proud to see you fight for your own lovely fairytales. Nope, it isn’t that I think everything in your life is imaginative and fictitious but because I’ve been trying to write down your own miraculous life’s story. You have that fire in your belly and that sparkle in your eyes every time you build the story with that beautiful mindset of yours!

Have you now decided what do you want to be?

Have you fallen in love yet? with someone else or even yourself?

Have you learned to embrace who you are? fully and unapologetically?

But, whatever is going on, it’s okay.

It’s okay if you haven’t figured everything out yet. This must all seem like a bunch of a confusing grown-up stuff to you, right?

Listen, the universe works like magic! you pay a price to get something you desire for you to get it back ten times more. So, hold onto yourself, whatever you are working on how with a strong faith that it can bloom within you. It will eventually come back a billion times more beautiful than you could never imagine! Just don’t be afraid to take risk.

The only way to gain big is to fall deep.

Since seeking happiness means finding what works for you, your own self. As long as you are staying time to yourself, nothing else matter. In case you don’t know, to live a life of your personal growth of happiness and character is such blessing for me.

You matter to me both as lovely place to stay and as a precious human being. I’m grateful I can witness your journey of growth towards self discovering by being surrounded by the people you care about. I adore you as someone dedicated, and with the happiness you choose at your own pace. Although there are many obstacles that you have to overcome by meeting my friends; sadness, fear, and anger.

I am proud that you can control them well and still manage to push yourself to the best part of you. You see, with all the imperfections that every human being has, you are an amazing being, with marvelous God-given capacity.

You often contradict with the path that God had set before; crestfallen, subdued, dejected, and everything melancholy. Till you realized, Chinese philosophy told us yin and yang; contrary forces may actually be complementary, which you believe that things are not meant to be perfect, but meant to be the whole. Indeed, there’s always for more good in something no matter how bad it is.

I hope that you now understand that what you saw is what you reap.

Because not even a person will always make you happy unless you yourself decide to choose to be happy. You’ve been taking care of your own wounds for too long. You’ve forgotten to give yourself time to breathe.

And also, overextending yourself in your work, relationships, personal goals to the point of burnout isn’t noble. Only exhaustion & self-destruction. this goes for your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial health. Take care of yourself in whatever way that looks like to you and your life.

You can give more when you give back to yourself first, you can’t pour from an empty cup, right? you can’t offer helping hand until you show up for yourself. take care of your own needs. urgency culture is a lie.

Constantly sacrificing your own needs won’t improve the quality of your own relationships the way you think it will. That will only create unclear boundaries and damage the relationship you have with yourself.

The paradox is that present you will always feel like the most useless version of you.

So, now I assume you that you should give yourself permission to be human, to appreciate that life is messy and imperfect.

Sometimes you have some semblance of control in an increasingly chaotic world.

By treating yourself nicely with all the things you can give from yourself, for yourself. I hope you constantly practice that lovely habit so that you will remember and understand how important it is, happiness should be planted within you, and not in the hands of others.

Thank you self,

Thank you for finally prioritizing you above everything because you deserve you. Yes! you may not be perfect but that doesn’t disprove the truth that you are worthy, love, and belonging.

You choose to be grateful, like the Bible said ‘God didn’t bring you this far to leave you’. You choose to say Alhamdulillah, like the Quran said ‘And, if you would count the graces of Allah, never could you be able to count them.

Dear my braver future self, I hope by the time you read this. I hope you will understand how strong, limitless, capable, and wonderful you can be. Just remember, once you truly, sincerely believe in your own control, miracles will happen.

And, I, Joy will be with you along the way guiding you to fully accept yourself. No one can rattle myself.

Thank you Joy, you are the perfect antidote to get rid of my negative thoughts.



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